One Final Week

As I begin this first post, President Obama and his family are packing their belongings. After eight years of guiding the Ship of State through perilous waters, President Obama will turn off the lights and close the door of the White House. It was a calm and reassuring presidency. The calm, intelligent and steady hand of President Obama will sadly be replaced on January 20 by a man who in no way resembles our current president.

Nonetheless, this shall happen and we the citizens will hold our common breath. The previews were ghastly. The critics painted a terribly dark picture. So did I. And I have no reason to expect a different outcome than what was predicted.

This is more than merely a disagreement over politics; it goes much deeper. As I have watched and listened to Donald Trump over the past 18 months, I see a man with serious emotional and mental disorders. Few fully-functioning adult males behave in the manner we have observed in this man. No former American president has displayed the adolescent, cruel and self-aggrandizing characteristics as has been seen in Donald Trump. It is as if he is stuck in perpetual adolescence- those ugly embarrassing years we all wish to forget. Rather, Mr. Trump lives those forgettable times.

More than half of the nation’s voters did not vote for the man, which places this election into that rare category of presidential elections wherein the winner lost the popular vote. As a result, this president will begin his term with an asterisk next to his name. Yet, rather than accepting this fact, he has acted as if he received a mandate from our citizens. Wise and healthy adult males are not pretentious. They are honest and transparent. Mr. Trump is not.

Yet there is something else, something more serious. I suspect that Mr. Trump suffers from a mental illness. Of course I have no psychiatric training. I admit this openly. Still, there is something more worrisome  than suffering an adolescence-mire. Few fully-functioning adult males regularly wake up in early dawn to tweet their anger. What brain function elicits such behavior? Psychosis comes to mind and that ought to send chills down the spine of every cognizant citizen. What if this is true about the President of the United States? What does this mean for the nation? One can only guess and quiver.



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